About Me

Hello, my name is Zaccaia and I’m a 15 year old photographer, blogger, Youtuber.  I’m a natural hair goddess and DIY fashion queen. 

(Photography)  In 2015, I found out how pretty photography was by looking at pictures from photographers, I liked how each photo told a story. And then I wanted to tell my stories in a form of pictures.  So that Christmas, I asked my mother for a camera and I got it along with a few other camera  supplies. I started taking pictures of nature and basic things and I wanted to move on. I didn’t want to do only nature and I wanted to branch out into parties and street photography.  And in the summer of 2017, I went to the American Academy of Arts for a week doing classes of photography and digital video editing.  I learned different forms of photography and  different techniques.  Which I apply to my photos. 

(Blogging) I started this blog in  January 2017.  I wanted to start this blog to showcase my photos and designs. My fashion, Makeup and lifestyle. My thoughts and feelings on certain subjects such as racism, discrimination, sex and other important things.  So I did just that, started a blog.

(Youtube) I started doing Youtube in 2015/June.  I wanted to do youtube to connect with people and vlog and talk about areas such as racism, discrimination, and culture appropriation.  I also do storytimes and fashion hauls.