My Experience at the American Academy of Art.


From June 25-30 I was at the American Academy of Arts for the Summer studio. This was my first time going and I really enjoyed it a lot.  For the week, I expected it to be just like college and it was. Everybody had two classes of their choice. I chose photography and Digital Video Editing and I greatly enjoyed it. 

Let me break down how the week went:

  1. One the first day, everybody checked in the student dorms. I checked in and stayed there all day because I didn’t know we were supposed to go back to the college.
  2. (On the second day – Until the last day), I woke up at 5:00am and took my shower.  I got dresses and waited until my roommates woke up.  And when we were ready we went down the the Cafeteria at 6:40am and ate breakfast. For breakfast it was a buffet. I normally ate 2 powered sugar donuts, french toast, bacon and drank coffee. 
  3. After breakfast we would wait for the consular to take us downstairs or we would meet them downstairs in the lobby. At 7:45am we would leave to go the American Academy of Arts.
  4. When we got there we had to had to wait until classes start. Classes started at 8:20am every morning.  We had to wait until the teacher came.  By the door
  5. Our first class ended at 10:30 and we had lunch untill 10:50am. (That wasn’t enough time!) Then we had our second class untill 1:05pm.
  6. After classes were over we would return to our dorms and had 4-5 hours of free time.   The adults would take us to go get food, such as Panera Bread, or Panda Express, subway and such.  In the dorms I would be on my laptop or my phone listening to music or uploading my photos. 
  7. At 6:00pm we had activities to do like Bus tours, Shopping, Museum tours and stuff like that. I didn’t want to go the Museum becasue If you been to one then you been to all. I regret not going. 
  8. Then we stayed up talking (me and my roommates) until bedtime which was 11:00pm and we would do this everyday until it was it was our last day.

This is how our week went and I miss feeling like a college student. I had the best week of my life and I met amazing people who change my life forever. 

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