Blogger to Vlogger + 2017 school year update

Hello everyone, So today’s topic is: Blogging to Vlogging. Also my school year update

I love to blog but I also like to vlog. Blogging brings out the best in me and I love writing about topics such as fashion and natural hair care but I think vlogging can give you a more visual sight of what I’m talking about.  I have a YouTube channel and I want to use it. I really don’t have any topics to vlog about expect for school events but I’m going to get some inspiration. But I do have a few ideas such as fashion hauls, dreams and goals and surviving high school. (That’s just some)  

If you have any suggestions, tips and tricks for youtubing, let me know!! And Vlog topics.


2017 was a school  and regular year to remember. As a sophomore it thought it wasn’t going to be any different from freshman year. I swear by that.  Sophomore year was different for me because it had more events. Such as sophomore Half Cap and more prep rallies. I join different clubs such as Korean and Spoken Word. And I started blogging and learning Portuguese and picking back up on Korean (On my own) This school year I made other friends and allies. I started my photography business and did my first gig. That was a prom send off.  This school year is ending fast and summer is coming up and I want to have the best summer ever..






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