Bad Habits

I have very bad habits, especially not updating my blog and YouTube channel regularly. Sorry folks, remember I’m a 15 year old sophomore and it’s the end of the year, which means we’re preparing for our finals and very hard quizzes (specially geometry).

Anyway let’s get to today’s topic, “Bad Habits.” Yes bad habits that everyone has done. My bad habits are procrastinating (the biggest, actually, I’m supposed to be doing my homework but whatever) on my homework, chores and other stuff.  I’m on my phone to much, Spending too much money, and other stuff. I swear I’m trying to break these but their just so hard. 

But I’m getting somewhat better at breaking these habits, such as putting my phone down for certain amounts of time. For procrastination, I’m getting better at trying to stay motivated for cleaning my room and doing chores. But study habits, aren’t that great but aren’t the bad. I just need to stay motivated but that’s so hard..



What are you bad study habits? How do you/ did you break them? Any tips for me?

Please let me know down below, because your girl is a hot mess right now.


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