Culture Appropriation

To all my black brothers and sisters. To all my Asian brother and sisters. To all my Latino/a brothers and sisters. To all my poc brothers and sisters. I’m going to rant about things that literary irritate me:

Culture appropriation.

I hate culture appropriation, so much. You guys have no idea. Why do people appropriate other cultures and think it’s okay.

If I see another white woman wear braids or try to “wear” a afro, I’m going to go off. Why do white people want to be black so much? Answer that.  They think it’s trendy to copy black culture and give it a new name. They think it’s okay to wear braids and it’s not. Black woman have been called “Ghetto” for wearing braids, sewins, afros, bantu knots and other hairstyles. But when white women do it they get praised for “making a new trend”. I can’t wear a afro and be called unprofessional. I would have to straighten my hair to be called professional. I heard white women “started a trend wearing big hoop earrings” First of all honey, us Black women have been wearing hoop earrings since the 90s, we made it popular, you only copied. 

I’m a sophomore in high school and really, I can’t believe I’m calling out grown women and even teens for doing culture appropriation. I think you all should know better, but apparently y’all don’t so I’m going to call you out and continue to call y’all out.  

Pure examples: 

Image result for examples of cultural appropriation

Related imageImage result for examples of cultural appropriation

I find it very upsetting that white people can get away with this stuff and people really wouldn’t bat a eye, (except the people like me who are extremely aware about CA). But when they do get caught, they get highly upset about it, like really? You know what you were doing. 

But then people are going to argue that “Black women wear weave, aren’t they appropriating white women?”My answer is no. Why? I said no becasue black women have been oppressed for so many years. We’re told to straighten our hair, because our curls aren’t pretty.. And that could take a toll on some women so they might straighten their hair to be pretty. But I don’t. Also black women might straighten  their hair and get weaves becasue wearing their curls won’t land them any jobs. (I’ll get into this in a another post.)

Image result for examples of cultural appropriation

(This pictures really captures how I feel.)

Yeah, I admitted, I did have my share of CA. I didn’t realize until I turned 13 and discover CA on Tumblr. When I was around 6 (9)? I really don’t remember my age but I remember I was little and I was dressed up in a kimono. The whole Halloween outfit came with: A kimono, chopsticks, a fan, and sandals, and I think makeup too.  Just thinking about it makes me cringe, but I was little and didn’t know any better.  But I believe that was the only time, and from the age of 13, I’ve been extremely careful.

Image result for examples of cultural appropriation

This is the picture I’m looking for. This is really what I want people to see: Culture Not Costume… My culture isn’t your costume. My braids, afros, bantu knots aren’t your costume. Other people’s cultures, like Indian, Japanese, tradition clothing aren’t your culture. So stop. Kimonos, Saris, Bindis, Hanboks, aren’t your culture.  So stop. White people really need to stop. 

 (I might update this really soon)


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