Did you know?

Did you know that April is SAAM? SAAM is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. And this month, I’ll be putting up posters in my school and making pamphlets to hand out to people. This year I really wanted to make a change and I had accomplish some stuff. I told my bus driver about me wanting to make a change, and she said I could put a poster up on her bus. I felt so happy. So to raise awareness, I’m going to keep raising awareness by posting facts and sharing stories and other good things.

Did you know that African American women don’t report their rape story? Due back to the stereotypes (in my opinion) of slavery. That black women were always “hypersexualized” by white men. White men always made black women seemed like they always wanted sex and made people believe that black women were “promiscuous”.

These stereotypes (in my opinion) carried into the modern world and are still active (Duh) and people still believe that Black women are hypersexual/promiscuous. And I’m sick of it. I’ve been sick of it for a very long time and other black women have been sick of it to.  But some Black women won’t speak their mind so I’ll do it for them. It’s heartbreaking that us Black women are still afraid to say anything.

So I’m going to continue to speak my mind on this subject and if you don’t like it you can unfollow me and go on with your life.  


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