Body Positvity.

Lets talk about something: Accepting your body. It’s not easy to accept your body especially for me. I had a hard time accepting my body until the end of my freshman year.. I always wore pants in grade school because I was ashamed of my legs, my legs had scars, sores, cuts, bruises, fade marks and everything. I rarely wore dresses, shorts or skirts. Except for graduation and luncheon.

  I was a big girl. Like I was 220 in 8th grade and I was ashamed of my weight. They would bully me for my weight and my legs, my appearance and everything you could imagine. They knew it would take a toll on me but they didn’t care. Honestly it hurt and I told myself I would love myself and wouldn’t listen to them and their harsh words.  I started wearing dresses and skirts again and showing off my legs.. I took small steps beginning with my legs making my way up to my face. I had to ignore what they said about my legs.

Yeah, I have fat rolls, had them back then and still have them now.  I now can embrace my rolls. Being a sophomore in highschool now I can look back and tell my grade school self, embrace your body and don’t listen to them. Some of those girls wish they could be thick like you…

I have acne, very bad acne, I can wake up one day and have clear skin, only to wake up the next day to have bumps, on the side of my face. I couldn’t embrace that in 7th grade so I started picking at my face and now I regret picking, like very bad. Now I have black scar marks but now I easily get rid of them.

This is me now.  I’ve lost weight, I’m 180s.. I love myself and it took so long to love myself. I’ve lost weight for the better. For my physical, and emotion well being.  Really I have goals and dreams and to do that is to better myself. I so shared my story so you can love your body.

This post may seem unorganized but I just wanted to share my story.



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