How I’m learning Portuguese

Hey, this week I’m back and today I wanted to share what I use to learn Portuguese. In my other blog post about African American and Brazilian connections  I said that I wanted to connect to African Brazilians and we could band up against racism. So now this got me thinking about how can I learn Portuguese, I already said I use Duolingo and Hellotalk for study and practice but I do have more resources. But I will get deeper into Duolingo and Hellotalk.


Duolingo is a free app and website that you can download or go online and pick any language or multiply language to study. Maybe you just want to brush up on French or start learning basic Spanish then this is the app for you. The app comes with mini lessons and you’ll learn new words and grammar.


HelloTalk is a communication app, I love this app becasue I can talk with native speakers and practice my language learning skills. It’s kinda pricey but It’s mainly free. When I speak to native speakers I manly type in Portuguese for a practice and I have the native speakers type to me in Portuguese.


YouTube is your friend. I use YouTube, you use YouTube, we all use YouTube. With YouTube you can listen to Brazilian music, watch Brazilian Tv Shows , music and almost other things Brazilian you can watch. My favorite Brazilian artist is: Ludmilla, and I like Anitta.

Music and TV

I love music and I can’t stop listening to it, not at all. My favorite Brazilian artist is Ludmilla and I love her songs “Sou Eu” and “Bom”. I suggest looking her up. Anyway, music is a great way to learn a language.  I search up lyrics from songs I like and pick out words and learn them and use examples from them.

You can find Brazilian versions of American TV shows (I think). Because I can find Brazilian versions of American commercials and Disney songs.


It’s a great app for learning vocab. I use it a lot. You can download courses for any or multiple languages.  And study vocab.

I’m going to update this when I collect all my resources. These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.


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