African American and African Brazilians Connections

The words that are highlighted in black are hyperlinks. 

Hello, in today’s post, I’m going to talk about my goal. My goal is to connect to African Brazilians. The reason I want to connect to Brazil and African Brazilians is that I believe WE could band up and work through racism. America has tons of racism daily and I was shocked to see how bad blacks are treated in Brazil.

 I know that Brazil was the last country to abolish slavery in the Americas ( I did my research)  so I thought that Brazil should be less prejudice against blacks. 

Black Brazilians are treated just like us blacks in the USA or even more worse. Which is bad. In the USA, if your black your then twice as likely to get shot by the police. If your black then your twice as likely to get turn down by jobs/companies and so on so on. I’m pretty sure it would be the same results in Brazil too.. I know for a fact, I’m going to break these stereotypes and all black people, mixed people and so on can break this stereotypes.

Did you know Brazil has little to no Black businesses?  In America, Black people can own: Businesses, houses, land, and other stuff, but in Brazil it’s hard for black people to do that.  It’s only 1% of Black people who are rich in Brazil. Black people in Brazil can barely get education, some people can barely finish highschool let alone trying to find jobs or buy houses. Bur white people in Brazil and “privileged” just like in America.

Speaking of white privilege. Did you know that white people get the best jobs? Did you know that in Brazil there’s barely any Black doctors, lawyers, politicians? Even a Black council woman got patted down and  got her bra and hair searched. This wouldn’t happen in America. I want Brazil to see its fault. 

Black Brazilians women can’t even find good hair care products to use for their curly hair. In American us, Black women can find all sorts of haircare for our hair but it’s the opposite in Brazil. Honesty this is sad. That Brazil treats in Blacks like this. I want to make a haircare line for African Brazilians. 

This is why I want to make a change.  I want to help Brazil then best I can. And to do that is to learn Brazilian Portuguese. I’m already using Duolingo to study but I also use HelloTalk to connect to Brazilians.  I study almost everyday. I want to make a group of African-American and Brazilians and we could talk about problems we face.


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