Everything a Model/ Future Model Needs to Have in their Bag.

Since I want to be a model, I did my research and found out what I need to have in my bags for modeling shoots.  All models need to have these items in their bags:

1.) Your Portfolio

All models need to have a portfolio.  When you want to go to auditions, interviews, bookings and the studio you need to have your portfolio ready so they’ll know what you’ll look like doing poses.


2.) Basic Makeup

You need your basic makeup kit including: Foundation/BB Cream, Concealer, Blush, Bronzers, Eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. But not all models need that.

3.) Clothes

All models need extra clothes. Most photoshoots would  want you to bring black or nude  undergarments. Also you should just bring extra clothes just in case you have an problem.

4.)  Flats & Heels

Some booking require you to have heels or/ and flats with you depending on what type booking you have. You might need different lengths of heels.

 5.) Hair Products

All models need hair products inducing: Brushes, combs, bobby pins, rubber bands, gel, oil, hair spray, and if you want extensions. Having all this stuff in your bag will cut down time.

6.)  Skin and Body Products

You might want to care products like Deodorant, moisturizer, makeup remover, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, mouthwash, floss, mints.

7.) Bring a small sewing kit

Just in case you have a tear in your clothes you can sew it up. Having a sewing kit really comes in handy.

8.) Something to pass the time.

Modeling shoots and interviews can be extremely long so you should bring a tablet or books to read. You need something to pass the time straight up. Bring your phone and don’t forget your charger.

9.)  Snacks and Water

If your gonna be there for a long time, I know your gonna get hungry so it would be wise to bring snacks like candy bars, cookies, Something to fill you up. Your going to get hydrated so you should bring water or/ and juice.


Source: From (Everything Models should have in their bag.)






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