What I Use to Learn Korean

I’m going to tell you what I’m using to learn Korean. Before I do, I wanted to to say why I’m learning Korean fully. I wanted to learn Korean becasue I want to visit South Korea and stay there for a week doing photo shoots and hopefully get on the covers of Korea’s famous magazines,  and with the Hallyu wave spreading across the world and people listening to K-pop and watching K-dramas,  Korean is becoming extremely popular and a lot of people are choosing Korean.

Here’s what I use to learn Korean. Living Language is a well know approach to language learning. I bought the compete set for $50.  The set came with 3 language books, a journal/notebook  , 3 audio disc set, and a reading and writing practice book. The books get difficult as you go along and progress.  I got these books like a year ago and after this post I’m going to start using them.   

dscn0206dscn0205dscn0207dscn0208 There are YouTube channels and websites that I also use:

Youtube Channels (Teachers)

Korean UnniShe teaches you Korean and Culture.

SweetandtastyTVShe teaches you Korean and she takes you around Korea

TTMIK They teach you Korean and from their website you can buy books and get free lessons.

KoreanClass101This is more podcast then anything but they do offer lessons

KoreanFever(Is my fav) Hana teaches you everything from greetings to Korean slang. 


Update 2/25/17 – Youtube (My Favorite Vloggers):

Allysse/AllysseTVAllysse is a producer who loves Korean culture. She does everything from K-pop M/V reactions to makeup. She teaches K-Lingo and she even has a self produce song in Korean called “One”   

ArielAmazinggDay–  Ariel is a Vlogger, she talks about her life in Korea. She does storytimes and dance covers and she also a English Teacher. 

CharlyCheer Is probably one is one the longest channels I’ve watch. I Love her Videos so much. She was a English Teacher in Korea, she would take us around Korea and try Korean food. But now she’s exploring different countries 

Kennie J.DKennie J.D travels between American and Korean a lot. She does Storytimes about her Life in Korean. She does makeup and she’s extremely funny. 

WhitneyBae/WhitneyIRLWhitney is the funniest youtuber I’ve watched so far. She says she wants to be a comedian. Whitney has funny storytimes. 

Hijabi in SeoulIman films her life in Korea. She’s a English teacher.



TTMIK-  They offer books you can buy and free lesson

How to Study Korean Everything you  needed to know from a couple of words to word structure.

Update- 2/25/17

Learn Korean with K-popYes, Yes, Yes, I love K-music and this site is perfect for learning your favorite Korean songs. 

Transparent Blog KoreanIt’s talks about culture and they give you phrases.




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