My Natural Hair

In honor of Black History Month.

I went natural with my hair in my freshman year of highschool (last year) in October or November .  I had to beg my mom to go natural. I really had to beg my mom. I’m glad she agree to let me go natural. I was so sick of perm and relaxers in my hair. I just wanted to take of my hair, they way I wanted to which was natural.

When the stylist cut my hair, it was so short and I was ready to cry but I didn’t. I just told myself “Say hello to Natural, and Goodbye to relaxed. I was fully prepared to take care of the curls and everything..

The first few months I had my hair in braids and small afros. My hair grew back so quick after a year.  My hair is returning and so close back to the length it was when it was relax.

Most bloggers and vloggers  would record their growth after the cut their hair but I just didn’t want to.  (Sorry).  I guess I could post one or two photos of my hair.

I’m glad I went natural. Best decision I’ve ever made.  I’m understanding myself through my hair.  It’s my first steps to becoming a better teen girl besides I want to be a plus size model with my natural hair down my back.



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