I really want to be a plus size model ,aside from wanting to be everything else. I’m decent looking, and I have a figure. I think I’ll be a good model having a great vibe on the sets. I love to take pics of myself in classy, casual clothes…etc. I’ll embrace the magazine covers like a queen.  As a future model, I want to encourage bigger girls like myself that they can achieve their   modeling dreams.  

I look up to black models like: Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Raissa Santana, Victoria Esteves, Sabrina Paiva, Deise D’anne, and Mariana Theol Denny. (Click their names)

I want to model on covers of famous magazines like Teen Vogue, Vogue, Elle, Seventeen…etc. 

I want my future modeling career to take off in the right direction. If all works out, I’ll be a famous model with a penthouse in the sky, but I have to take small steps in order to to achieve my dream. 

Guys support me please?

XOXO, Zaccaia.


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