My Current Hair Supplies

This is my basic hair supplies.  You can get these at beauty supply stores and/or order off their websites. 


Cream of Nature (Professional – Argan Oil) is my favorite , favorite, FAVORITE brand of shampoo and conditioner. My mom brought me the whole or almost the whole collection. We have the Moisture & Shine Shampoo, Intensive Conditioning Treatment, 7-1 Leave in Treatment, and Heat Defense Smooth & Shine Polish. This brand does wonders for my hair.  The Heat Defense Smooth & Shine Polish is great for my hair protecting it. I’ve been using these products for almost a year and my hair has really grew. These products for Relaxed and Natural people. When I  had cut off all my hair to go natural I started using these products. I really REALLY recommend this brand.  You can get these at any beauty supply stores. Here’s their website:


Modesa wide tooth comb are what every black girl needs to have. I have 3 combs and I plan on using them until the break.


This is the first brand of hair shampoo and condition that I use when started out, like fresh off the boat new. Then I switch to the professional brand  of Cream of Nature.


I use coconut oil for my hair. 


Some brushes I use. 


I just brought my Modesa paddle brush from family dollar.  Also I have 2 rattail combs. 


Every black girl knows about Pink Lotion. Y’all know y’all mamas would put this in your hair while she was braiding y’all hair. Anyway I use this for my hair. 


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