Makeup, Makeup, MAKEUP!!

This is my current makeup collection. I’m not a huge fan of designer brands of anything, especially makeup. So drugstore brands are great for me. Some people may not agree and that’s their opinion. 

L.A Colors were made for me. 

dscn0192 I Have:

4 Color eyeshadow palettes, 4 Eyeshadow brushes (and one elf brush), 1 Red lipgloss Blusher and Deluxe Brush, 1 Perfect Curve Volumizng Mascara ,blue auto eyeliner,  And 1 Pro Face Brush  

Now this may not be what the super makeup freaks would have in their bag, but this is perfect for me. But anyway,  some of the palettes don’t have the eyeshadow stick thingy (I forgot the name), It’s becasue I threw them out or lose them. When I first started doing makeup as a freshman, I was careless and I didn’t know what to do and what to do first and how to put this on that or blend this, stuff like that.  I’m learning and getting better day by day so bear with me. 

Other Makeup: 


This is my little lipstick collection- I got the first three from my local corner store. And the circle one from my local beauty supply store. 

KleanColor Everlasting lipsticks are a good brand. This collection is soled at my  local coner store and it good for beginners like me. The only problem is that I have to reapply it, depending on the shade of lipstick I’m wearing.  Above as shown, I brought Lilac Pink, Pink, and Plum, I also had black but I loss it somewhere.

I have 2 Absolute New York lipsticks, one light blue and one dark blue. These lipsticks stay on my lips and they don’t really fade. I got these from my local beauty supply store.

dscn0195   This is my little Eye pencil collection.

The black and red pencil are eye and lip pencils. There from the Magic Collection from the Bee Sales, Company. There good, but the fade after at least 2 hours.

I have a Bright Blue auto eyeliner from L.A Colors.  I use it for my lips and eyes. 

And last of all the eyeliners, I have the Ultra-Easy blue and purple eyeliner form Rk by Kiss Collection

dscn0194. I have this little eye set from Hard Candy. It came in a larger package but I gave the rest away to my niece. I have a small eyeliner, a liquid eyeliner, and a mascara.   


And last of all my makeup, I have this little Lipstick +Lipbalm + Gloss in 1 lipstick (whatever you wanna call it) from NickAK NewYork.  Now I have to keeping applying this untill I get a decent full coat of gloss.


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