Foreign Languages

I LOVE learning foreign languages, who doesn’t? One of my goals is to mastered at least 6 different languages. I want to learn: Chinese, Japanese,Korean, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Italian.  Now everybody’s gonna say  “Oh that’s too many”, or “No one can learn all those languages.” Well I’m going to learn the languages. I have my reasons to learn these languages.

I want to learn these languages to connect to people of African Descent.  I want to tell the people of African Descent around the world that they should love themselves. And that they have another sister that wants to connect to them.

I also have other reasons but that’s my main reason.

I want to learn Chinese for business and Japanese & Korean so I can be a idol in Korea and Japan. (I wish) I want to live in Korea and Japan. Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish are beautiful languages.


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